NM PED Vision for Students

Equity, Excellence & Relevance

Students in New Mexico are engaged in a culturally and linguistically responsive educational system that meets the social, emotional, and academic needs of ALL students.

New Mexico is on a strategic trajectory, bringing the state’s overall vision for equitable education for all students to life. 

Preschool Curriculum

View information on the Stepping Stones Preschool curriculum. 


Data-Driven Instruction

In order to determine where students are in their learning, and to ensure they are on track, teachers have numerous tools to assess their levels and drive their instruction.

Teachers will work together in Collaborative Learning Networks (CLNs) on Wednesdays to discuss critical interventions that need to occur to move students as fast as possible.

Academic Engagement Focus

Experiential Learning

A "learning by doing” approach to learning that offers students the opportunity to learn through concrete experiences, reflective observations, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation. 

Small Group Purposeful Talk

An instructional practice that incorporates student discussion about the desired learning.