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Nurse’s Corner

A reminder that you must keep your students home from school if they have any Covid-19 symptoms such as: 

  • Fever, 
  • Cough, 
  • Chills, 
  • Shortness of breath, 
  • Fatigue, 
  • Muscle/body aches, 
  • Headache, 
  • Loss of smell/taste, 
  • Sore throat, 
  • Congestion/runny nose, 
  • Nausea or vomiting.

If your child has a medical condition which includes any one of the symptoms previously mentioned, you can get a doctor's note saying what the condition is, what the symptoms are, and what worsening conditions would require the student to be sent home.

If you have any questions please call me at 575-812-5465
Thank you, Kim Warf


There are two facets to the Early Childhood program that is provided by the Alamogordo Public Schools. 

1.  NM PreK is a program for 4-year-old children:

This program provides preschool comprehensive services for any 4-year-old child, as long as there are openings available. 

Children who qualify for the program must be four years of age by September 1st of the current calendar year. All four-year-olds can register for PreK and will be selected based on need.

Priority will be given to families

  • Residing within the boundaries of a Title I school district
  • Experiencing homelessness/displacement
  • Children who are in foster care

2.  Developmentally Delayed Preschool is a program for 3-year-old and 4-year-old students:

This program provides services for 3-year-old and 4-year-old students who have special needs.  To participate in this part of the program, students must be eligible to receive IEP services, which may include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, etc.  Students may also qualify due to behavioral, cognitive, or other types of concerns. 

Children who qualify for the program must have a valid IEP, which recommends services in an educational setting. 

Preschool School Supplies

Glue bottle 4 oz. (Elmer’s preferred)  - 1

Glue sticks (purple disappearing preferred)  - 5

Tissues (pop-up style) - 2 boxes

Baby wipes - 2 pack

6-inch paper plates  - 1 pack

9-inch paper plates - 1 pack

Quart storage bags  - 1

Gallon storage bags - 1

Reusable water bottle (labeled) - 1

Backpack (labeled) - 1

Change of clothes in a zipped bag (labeled)

Additional Supplies may be requested by the individual teachers.

NM Pre-K Family Handbook

NM Pre-K Family Handbook (en Español)

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